We are Billings Sign People. Our people do not tint windows, sell car accessories, ship packages or do websites. Sign Pro is an experienced team of professionals, that does one thing….well.

Our job is to get attention. The bottom line is to have your target audience looking at YOU!

Here are the people of Sign Pro, and what makes us YOUR Montana Sign Company.

As YOU are looking around, ask for examples…all companies can produce sign products, this is YOUR sign, this will be YOUR design. This is where we will be YOUR SIGN company. We ARE Billings SIGN People!

Billings Sign Pro boasts the “DREAM TEAM” of sign DESIGN! The best of the BEST!

Dan ! !

Dan Marrin comes to us from California. He is a longtime veteran signman, and it shows in all of his skills. He is truly an ARTISAN! Probably one of the most amazing attributes is not only his almost “ZEN” like attention to detail, pride and prograde skills, but he also offers it all up in a team atmosphere, guys “this good” are sometimes hard to work around, not Dan, This photo and THAT smile, tells you a lot about him. We all are thankful he is one of US at Sign Pro!

E m i l y ! !

Emily Conway got her first taste of design in her junior year of high school at the Billings Career Center. She took animation, web design, photography, and graphic design. She of course decided then and there that she was a designer! She obtained her Associates in design, has been a freelancer, worked in other sign shops but as you can see from that contagious smile, she jumped right in and has found a home with us here at Sign Pro and very much a part of the family and we are PROUD of her!!

Kevin ! !

Kevin Foos (The “K-TRAIN”) has been a long time Sign Pro heavy hitter, and intergral part of the Sign Pro TEAM! When a vehicle comes in for a wrap it is normally out in a handfull of hours, and it is flawless. It looks like it was painted that way. Kevin’s expertice is obvious on the quality of our products as they leave our shop. You can see here that you might not want to stand too close to Kevin for any period of time or you will become WRAPPED in some flashy vinyl patterns.

Michael R!!

While getting to know Michael, you’d think see he’s quiet and reserved, until you get him into a conversation about SIGNS or RACING. He is the primary installer for all our high flying signs! He’s an early to rise and late to bed kind of guy who strives for the best in all he does! He races adrenaline inducing  Wissota Midwest Modified, and an IMCA Modified cars around the local Dirt Track Circuit.


The legand came to us to build and services signs! His skills range from running new power lines to home repair. Drae’s got TOP KNOTCH attitude and devotion to get the JOB DONE RIGHT!


Straight out of school and going hard into the sign crafting trade! He’s learning all the great skills to build amazing signs. His hobbies include snowboarding, motorcycles, anything adrenaline and masculine!!

Michael ! !

In 1988, Michael worked for ANAgraph, a manufacture of equiptment and software for the industry, as Tech Support to Dealers and installed base. He was promoted to Operations manager and ran production. He moved to Seattle and sold software, machines, and materials to the sign industry. In 1999 he became the owner and is partner with Dustin Robison. Michael is the first one to open Sign Pro, and the last to leave. His laughter and motivation shows up 10 minutes before he enters the room! ( We’re proud of him! 🙂  )


Dustin Robison

Dustin ! !

Dustin (Dusty) Robison is one of those guys that keeps a team proud of their day, and work. His craftsmanship goes into all Sign Pro products, and is unparalleled when it comes to innovative challenges and designs. Although Dustin is a proud owner along with Michael Taylor, He is shoulder to shoulder with the whole team every day with the same “can do” spirit of all of us! Here is a great example of leadership, by example. We couldn’t be more proud of him!! 🙂